1986 - 2022

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Scenes From An Execution deals with the eternally fractious and complex relationship between the artist and the state. Galactia, a 15th century Venetian painter, is commissioned by the State of Venice to portray the Battle of Lepanto, a naval battle described as “the greatest triumph of Venetian history.” However, her 1,000 square feet of canvas contains quite a different interpretation. Thus the battle over truth, freedom and responsibility is engaged. 

Performances at Studio@620, St Peterburg April 15 and 16th

Chris Marshall, Richard Romagnoli and Danielle Skraastad

Potomac Theatre Project is re-envisioning itself for the future. We hope to take multiple shapes and to work in multiple locations. PTP will continue to explore ‘the nightmares and hoaxes by which we live.

As Marilyn Stasio wrote 4 decades ago:

The appeal of the company lies in its unorthodoxy; it gives the back of its hand to popular domestic plays and their conventional production style of lyric-realism. Instead the group leans to works of the imagination and plays with political content, which it presents in an expressionistic, sometimes even poetic style.