• Howard Barker's The Castle is an epic work, blasting apart - with humor and violence - the boundaries of desire, pain, and sexuality. After an absence of 7 years, a group of Crusaders returns 'home' to find authority, religion, and human relations all upended and a new society established by the women who have been left behind. The battle lines are drawn immediately. "The Castle is one of the richest and most densely written of Barker's entire oeuvre."

  • Running Time: 2 hours and 20 minutes

  • Skinner.....Jan Maxwell
    Ann.....Jennifer Van Dyck
    Cant.....Christina Fox
    Stucley.....David Barlow
    Batter.....Steven Dykes
    Krak.....Quentin Maré
    Nailor.....Brent Langdon
    Holiday.....Robert Zukerman

    Villagers / Soldiers: Melissa MacDonald, Rachel Goodgal, Stephen Mrowiec, Aubrey Dube

    Performing in select shows as the role of Skinner.....Stephanie Janssen

    Director: Richard Romagnoli
    Stage Manager: Eric Conner Marlin
    Assistants to the Directors: Matthew Ball and Sumi Doi

    Lighting: Hallie Zieselman
    Set: Jon Craine
    Costumes: Jule Emerson
    Sound: Cormac Bluestone

  • “It is gorgeously written and acted and it deserves to be on a grander stage, in front of a larger audience.”
    - The New Yorker

  • “No other Stateside company comprehends and incarnates [Howard Barker's] Theater of Catastrophe with the energy and focus of PTP.”
    - New York Magazine

  • “A smart and rowdy production.”
    - The New York Times

  • The Castle is hugely, disgustingly entertaining. It may even be enlightening.”
    - The New York Times

  • “A well-executed performance... bursts with the giddy vigor of ideas in conflict and words gone wild.”
    - The New York Times

  • “★★★★★”
    - Time Out New York

  • “Shakespearean in scope, Brechtian in attitude and Jacobean in sensibility.”
    - Time Out New York

  • The Castle is a scabrous masterwork.”
    - Time Out New York

  • “Go and prepare to be jabbed.”
    - Time Out New York

  • “Breathtaking!”
    - TheaterMania.com

  • Serious Money – In a scathing satire set in the trading pits and boardrooms of London's financial district, acclaimed English playwright Caryl Churchill tackles the insider trading, corporate raiding and leveraged buyouts of the late '80s. Churchill's acidly funny, cocaine-fueled ride examines the abuses of power, greed and sexual politics that continue to resonate with the current global financial crisis. Fiercely witty and shockingly prophetic, Serious Money also features music and lyrics by Ian Dury, Micky Gallagher and Chas Jankel.

  • Running Time: 2 hours and 10 minutes

  • Scilla Todd.....Tara Giordano
    Jake Todd.....Mat Nakitare
    Grimes / Grevett.....Jay Dunn
    Billy Corman / Frosby.....Alex Draper
    Greville Todd / Merrison.....Steven Dykes
    Nigel Abjibala.....Aubrey Dube
    Zac Zackerman.....David Barlow
    Marylou Baines / Mrs. Etherington.....Megan Byrne
    Jacinta Condor.....Jeanne LaSala Taylor
    Ms. Biddulph / Gleason.....Nesba Crenshaw

    Lords, Ladies, Traders: Molly O'Keefe, Sarah Lusche, Mari Vial-Golden, Isabel Shill, Noah Berman,
    Adam Milano, Madeley Crenshaw-Dykes

    Director: Cheryl Faraone
    Stage Manager: Michael Bradley Block
    Assistants to the Directors: Christo Grabowski and Melissa MacDonald

    Lighting: Mark Evancho
    Set: Hallie Zieselman
    Costumes: Jule Emerson with Jordan Jones
    Sound: Allison Rimmer with Aubrey Dube
    Musical Direction: Carol Christensen
    Choreographer: Alicia Evancho

  • “In the late eighties, a theatrical event depicting a stageful of greedy Wall Street types feasting on their ill-gotten gains was prescient; in 2013,
    it's old news, cleverly rehashed.”
    - The New Yorker

  • “This smashing revival deserves to be one of the more sought after tickets on Off-Broadway.”
    - Show Business Weekly

  • “A wicked, polished production by the Potomac Theater Project. If there's a sharper-edged evening of entertainment in Manhattan at the moment, it involves juggling knives…the over-the-top comedy
    remains raw and urgent.”
    - The New York Times

  • “A hyper-intelligent, formally dense geopolitical thriller-cum-comedy of manners.”
    - The New Yorker

  • “Potomac Theatre Project serves up all the madness and humor without breaking a sweat.”
    - NY Amsterdam News

  • “Spinning puns and wisecracks with dazzling ferocity!”
    - Backstage

  • “Trenchantly witty!”
    - Time Out New York

  • “Director Cheryl Faraone cracks the whip over this mad circus with an authoritative flick of the wrist. Her staging is fast, sharp, and inventive.”
    - Backstage

  • Serious Money, with all of its greed, is seductive in all the right ways.”
    - NY Amsterdam News